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Workers' Compensation

The Dickson Law Firm represents injured workers in the greater KC metropolitan area. Prior to opening The Dickson Law Firm, Andy Dickson represented insurance companies. While representing insurance companies, it became clear that in many instances, injured workers who were not represented by a lawyer, were not given the treatment and compensation they deserved.  

 If you do not have a lawyer, no one is working on your side. The insurance companies have their adjusters and attorneys. Their primary job is to close your case as cheaply as possible. It can be extremely frustrating dealing with insurance adjusters. Many times they deny claims that they shouldn't, they don't authorize the treatment that they should, don't keep their word, and don't even have the professional courtesy to even return phone calls. Once you hire The Dickson Law Firm, you no longer have to communicate with the adjuster. We will deal directly with the insurance adjuster and the insurance company's attorneys. We will demand that you get the treatment you need and the compensation you deserve.

Most Workers' Compensation cases settle without going to Trial (which is called a "Hearing" in Work Comp). However, throughout his career, Andy has tried hundreds of Work Comp cases and can take your case to Hearing, if necessary. Call The Dickson Law Firm today and get the representation you deserve: (816) 914-9478. 

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